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Team Development

A positive work environment is a prerequisite for the good team development

The excellent individual performance of the employees is not directly related to the highly efficient teams. One team may have consistently lower results than other teams, and in individual tasks and projects the employees of the same team may perform well. Therefore, it is important to work with teams as a separate unit, to develop strategies for them, separate from individual plans and to make comparisons between the current and past condition of a team.

Team development is an academic topic - it is so embedded in the theories of human resource management. There is a lot written on the topic, which is one of the points of contact between the work of each leader and the HR department in the company. How could a leader react if he felt that his team had negative attitudes? Or that the atmosphere is toxic, leading to staff loss and low work efficiency?

The only approach in such situations is to choose the right feedback tool to find and analyze the cause of the negative phenomenon.

A good work environment, open communication, a high level of trust and a positive attitude towards change are as important to a team's effectiveness as the qualities of its members, skills and collective knowledge. Without the first factors, it is impossible for the team to develop and achieve better and better results. It is normal to have variations in confidence levels and positive attitudes over time. As in any kind of human relationship, so in working relationships it is impossible to keep everything only in the positive part of the scale. Digital tools that identify a specific type of negative attitude and where it comes from are a key element in the efforts to maintain a healthy work environment. Only after it is provided can other methods of team development be expected to have an effect.

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