The trust environment in the organization can now be quickly and permanently improved


What is Trust-O-Meter and where do we use it?

  • Lack or low levels of trust are a common challenge for leaders. This problem affects organizations of all structures and fields of work.
  • Trust-O-Meter is a feedback instrument that examines the status of the key trust factors in the team, as well as their desired future status.
  • Using individual feedback, the report illustrates the level of trust in three key areas.

How does it work?

  • Trust-O-Meter examines the current status of the defined competencies (placed in 9 dimensions and 3 key areas). The subsequent study compares and analyzes differences and improvements.
  • Participants complete a survey, evaluating 36 statements related to the trust in the company. This can also happen before a workshop or other internal event and help discuss the results and draw up an action plan to improve the level of trust.
  • Open questions allow for detailed anonymous feedback on the key issues in the company.

Challenges for the leaders, teams and the organization

Challenge Our Solution
Employees are less and less committed to the overall goals of the teams, and efficiency is low Measuring the current needs of the team to achieve a high level of trust
Negative relations and attitudes in the organization. Employees share a negative opinion outside of it Identification and analysis of the differences between the current and the desired state of the trust environment in the team
Low level or lack of trust in the management and high-level decisions A fast and effective instrument which draws attention to the specific problematic factors of broken trust

Key benefits of the Trust-O-Meter

  • Candid feedback on the important trust factor.
  • Helps to start a productive discussion about the breach of trust and gives clear guidelines on what actions should be taken.
  • Improves the culture of feedback, supports lasting positive attitudes in the company and develops the core corporate values.

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