Business Simulation Games

Build a successful talent management strategy with the SIMTalent simulation

Business Simulation Games

What is a business board game simulation SIMTalent?

  • SIMTalent is a one-of-a-kind product on the Bulgarian market. LS-S is a partner of the leading consultancy Simdustry, which develops business simulations with board games, and SIMTalent is one of the highly effective training tools from their portfolio.
  • The simulation combines a training and a game, and the goal is putting the participants in a realistic situation where they have limited time and budget to develop a strategy for talent retention and development.
  • The board game assists managers in identifying, developing, retaining and deploying the talents that are important for the future of the organization.

How does it work?

  • Participants receive individual profiles of four members of their teams. Next is the choice of an appropriate development tool for each of them, where each choice means a certain investment of time and budget.
  • The decisions that participants have to make affect the motivation, performance and risk of leaving each team member.
  • To be as realistic as possible, the business simulation includes unforeseen circumstances that affect each member of the team, the team itself, the leader or the entire organization.
  • In the last phase, an analysis of the results is made, considering the effect of the decisions that the participants have made.
  • The whole process ends with the last phase of succession planning. A situation where a member of the team leaves the company is simulated. It is now necessary to decide on the vacant position, again taking into account different conditions.

Challenges for the organization and team leaders

Challenge Our Solution
Inheriting a certain open position in the company Part of SIMTalent is also a simulation of succession planning or succession management
Building individual development plans with limited budget and time A game that puts participants in realistic conditions, including compliance with budgets
Taking adequate measures in unforeseen circumstances and an urgent need for decision-making Simulation with many possible scenarios, including various events, which prepares leaders for the real challenges of working with people

Key benefits of the business simulation training

  • Leaders are prepared for Talent Mapping of their teams as well as to make important decisions related to the development of their team members.
  • Training on how to identify potential and objectively evaluate the performance of team members.
  • During the simulation key knowledge turns into a real action plan for the teams.
  • Different options for clients: the business simulation can be an individual training or a part of talent development training; it can be used together with the Talent Portfolio App or as a separate product.

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