Talent Portfolio

Identify the hidden talents in your organization

What is Talent Portfolio and where do we use it?

  • Talent Portfolio is an app that helps managers see the hidden potential in their teams, as well as identify potential HR risks.
  • Supports all the processes connected with employee retention and risk forecasts.
  • Graphic and chart analysis support the preparation of individual development plans based on the results.

How does it work?

  • With the help of a simple interface managers evaluate all team members periodically by matching the predefined 12 talent identification factors.
  • Talent Portfolio enables the analysis of talents through the 9-box grid “Performance/Potential”. The team positions fall into a matrix that allows all members to be placed within 9 talent development areas. These areas are defined based on the Performance and Potential factors.
  • TPA generates reports and charts about talents positioning, risk analysis and development plans.
  • Tracking the progress of each member of the team. Team leaders can track how the positions within the matrix have changed over time as a result of the development measures they have taken.

Challenges for the organization and team leaders

Challenge Our Solution
Unestablished ground for defining the potential of team members Clear structure for analysis of individual team members and their potential
Risk that certain qualities and skills may remain unnoticed Identifying hidden potential
Lack of indicators that a team member considers quitting Risk assessment in talent management
Defining reasonable and timely measures for the development of individual team members Preparing individual development plans based on the results of the analyses

Key benefits of the Talent Portfolio App

  • Talent management training for the team leaders with a board game simulation.
  • Generation of reports with analysis about leadership potential and ambition, situational leadership, cooperation, retention prognosis.
  • Overview of all team members on a team and company level.
  • Proper planning of resources.

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