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Development and retention

Talent management and feedback are part of the employee development strategies

Employee development and retention programs are associated primarily with specific, tangible additions for the employees: benefits, bonus schemes, opportunities for growth in the organization, work environment and much more. The investment in skills development and training is part of the human resources budget by default. But there is another important element in the implementation of employee retention strategies and these are the feedback tools.

There is a relationship between the type of tools used to track trends, to identify strengths and problem areas in the company, to manage talent, and the desire of employees to stay in the company. This dependence is that when using feedback tools tailored to the specific activities, values and situation in the organization, the participants in the surveys will be motivated to give their honest opinion and will not look at the feedback as a formality. In addition, when there is focused and constructive work on the retention programs in the company, the end result is satisfied employees who are willing to contribute to the development of the company and do not leave work at the first challenge. This is usually due to a lack of trust in leaders that they are able to change a negative trend or make decisions in crisis situations. In order to build an environment of trust, it is also necessary to gather feedback in an effective way that shows employees that their opinion is valued and meaningful.

In development and retention strategies, it is important to include working with leaders so that they can manage the talents in their teams and reduce turnover. In addition to feedback tools, managers have the ability to forecast HR risks in their teams with a talent management platform such as the Talent Portfolio. Another useful method for dealing with retention challenges are the business simulations, which can also be conducted with the help of a board game, which puts the participants in a realistic situation with solving cases.

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