Team Performance Indicator

Make high team efficiency a standard for the company

Team Performance Indicator

What is Team Performance Indicator and where do we use it?

  • Team Performance Indicator compares the current situation of the team based on the preset success factors with the desired future situation.
  • The instrument shows how the leader and the team are perceived in relation to the five main success factors.
  • The short study allows for a quick look at the critical moments within the set success factors of the team.

How does it work?

  • Team Performance Indicator measures 5 pre-set success factors of “highly effective teams”. This supports the process of creating and developing such a team.
  • This tool allows for two feedback surveys - preliminary and follow-up - within a given period. The generated reports compare the results and offer an analysis of the situation and the changes in it.
  • The reports and results at team level provide a good basis for further analysis and measures to improve the weaknesses in the team in terms of the 5 factors.

Challenges for the leaders, teams and the organization

Challenge Our Solution
Difference in the effectiveness of teams whose origins may be unclear Reports which present the views of team members on the basic elements of effectiveness
An environment in which there is a lack of trust Opportunity for everyone to give feedback on the weaknesses in the team
Fear of conflict - the emergence or existence of such Early identification of problem areas that are a potential source of conflict
Lack of commitment to the ultimate goal of the team An instrument that allows you to open a discussion about engagement and improve it as a result

Key benefits of the Team Performance Indicator

  • Quick survey with 25 questions about the current state and the desired future state of the team's effectiveness.
  • Comparative analyses in the report provide facts that allow for productive discussions about team engagement and motivation.
  • Team Performance Indicator provides a basis for the efforts to improve team weaknesses in the top 5 high performance factors.

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