Employee Opinion Survey

Identify strengths and problem areas in the company based on individual employee feedback

Employee Opinion Survey

What is Employee Opinion Survey and where do we use it?

  • Employee Opinion Survey examines employee satisfaction and provides objective information about their opinions and attitudes in order to facilitate the identification of problem areas and respectively to improve human resource management.
  • Based on the results of the survey for the whole company and for each of its departments, the best company practices are identified using the method of internal comparison.

How does it work?

  • The tool analyzes the attitudes, opinions and expectations of employees in the company by collecting information on areas specified by management, for example: working conditions, communications, training and development.
  • The surveys are conducted over a period of time determined by the company and are adapted to its specific field of activity.
  • The satisfaction questionnaire is adapted to the areas in the company that require in-depth research.
  • Option to generate individual reports for each organizational unit.

Challenges for the organization, team leaders and the employees

Challenge Our solution
The mindset in the organization is influenced by difficult to analyze factors Indication of topics and issues that usually cannot be presented with KPIs
The climate, mood and environment in the organization are changing Measuring attitudes among employees; Positive climate change in the organization
Indications of dissatisfaction among employees Identification and analysis of important problem areas in the work for each employee

Key benefits of the Employee Opinion Survey

  • You get feedback on the key topics for the employees, in the form of hard data.
  • Proven effective tool for initiating, controlling and analyzing changes, which helps to follow a holistic approach in the HR development.
  • Quick assessment of the current mindset in the company.
  • Improving the company's image as an employer as a result of better employee satisfaction.

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