Variety of opportunities to transform the organizational culture.

Business Partner Program for Management Consultants

Expand your consulting portfolio and deliver unparalleled value to your clients by partnering with LS-S, where you can leverage Soft-KPIs and AI-based solutions for enhanced personnel and organizational development, change management, and project management.

Benefits of Partnering with Us


Enhance Your Offerings

Developed according to the challenge specifics and the current situation in the company

Revenue Opportunities

Unlock new revenue streams with our partnership incentives and seamlessly integrated solutions.

Exclusive Access

Gain exclusive access to customizable resources, tools, and training tailored to your specific needs.

Collaborative Growth

Benefit from co-marketing, joint client engagements, and continuous support to achieve your goals.

Flexible Partnership Models

Referral Partner

Earn commissions by referring clients to us and enhance your service offerings.

Reseller Partner

Collaborate on larger engagements and strategic initiatives tailored to your clients’ unique needs.

Strategic Partner

Suitable during change processes, for implementation of new methods, and assistance in discovering the source of an issue.

How the Partnership Works


Simple Onboarding

Join our Business Partner Program with a straightforward onboarding process guided by our team.


Dedicated Support

Receive support from a dedicated account manager to maximize the benefits of our partnership.


Continuous Training

Access ongoing training and certification programs to stay updated on the latest tools and techniques.

Success Stories

Discover how other management consultants have benefited from our partnership, offering innovative solutions and tracking the success of key projects and change processes.

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Join Our Business Partner Program

Enhance your consulting services and grow your business by joining our Business Partner Program, with tools fully customizable to your needs.