Change Indicator

Supports the change process in the company

Change Indicator

What is Change Indicator and where do we use it?

  • During times of change in the company it is necessary to monitor how they are perceived and where there are obstacles to achieving the desired change.
  • Change Indicator is a tool that analyzes and summarizes employee feedback on how the management of the change process is perceived.

How does it work?

  • A survey of 12 questions and 2 open comments helps to generate reports on 13 change factors, which allow to follow through the change process in the company.
  • The questions explore the factors that may be affected as a result of change in the leaders' behavior.
  • Employees answer questions on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the duration and objectives of the change process.
  • Leaders receive feedback on their own teams, and their results can be compared. Thus, each department has a report on perceptions of the change process.

Challenges for the leaders, teams and the organization

Challenge Our Solution
Difficulties in tracking the employees’ perception about how the change process is advancing according to them Employees’ perceptions are summarized using 13 change factors and their variations are visualized
Identification of where the negative attitudes or resistance to change come from Feedback and results’ comparison by departments
During the change process, the atmosphere of trust is threatened By surveying the employees’ opinions, a stable environment of trust is built

Key benefits of the Change Indicator

  • Change Indicator generates a separate report for each organizational unit, and the changes over time can be tracked and compared.
  • Easy and intuitive user interface. Short time to complete the survey. Detailed and clear graphs in the reports.
  • Change Indicator provides the opportunity during a challenge, such as the change process, to gather feedback from all levels and employees in the company, so as not to close the discussion only within the management.
  • The survey provides an option for open-ended questions which collect data on what is well received in the change process and what can be improved.

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