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Change management

The smooth transition of the change process requires a stable environment of trust and attitudes' tracking

Changes in the workplace need to be approached with care and planning, because each individual reacts differently to change. Some employees may be insecure about their jobs or the future of the company; there is generally an increased risk of losing trust. Alternatively, a change process can be initiated in such a way that employees become enthusiastically involved.

Differences in attitudes to change create an uncertain working atmosphere where resistance to change can even arise. Therefore, before starting the process, it is important to think about how you will:

  • measure progress
  • influence the perception of the process
  • assess the impact of the measures taken by the leaders
  • save the gained speed
  • create a sustainable positive attitude

Tracking perceptions of leadership decisions about change and the process itself is among the key factors for their smooth running and positive results. This is possible with feedback tools that include short focused pulse check surveys that allow comparisons between departments and teams. It is important not to close the discussions during a change process within the management, but also to collect feedback from all levels and employees in the company. This builds a stable environment of trust and leadership decisions are met with more calm and positive attitude.

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