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Leadership development

Develop the right leadership skills to achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

Leadership is becoming an increasingly complex "task", regardless of the size of the team and whether it refers to a team leader or a manager of an entire company. The requirements and expectations for the leaders from the members of their teams are increasing: individual attention and understanding to each employee; always being ready to receive feedback; being able to take risks and be sufficiently informed and prepared for all possible consequences. We are also aware that the dynamics of time provide increasingly uncertain and volatile conditions for companies, placing leaders in the position of jugglers: with the new economic requirements, with the digitalization of processes, with the goals for their teams, with personal operational tasks, with the human factor and with corporate values and principles.

In order to have an objective assessment of how they deal with these and all other challenges, leaders need feedback from their employees. It should not be seen only as an assessment or as a field for anonymous criticism. If leaders feel periodically assessed as they are having an exam, they would treat the process like any other person - accept it as another list of requirements they must meet, and ultimately there will be no constructive change.

Some feedback tools, such as 360-degree feedback, can develop leadership skills in managers and help them meet the challenges of managing people and processes at the same time. It gives them clarity about what qualities they need to develop and how much they inspire and motivate their people. Based on the 360-degree feedback reports, training programs can be created, adapted to the results of the feedback and to the specific needs of each leader. In this way, the qualities that are important for the specific organization and coincide with its goals and priorities will be developed.

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