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Training and development

The challenges facing collective skills and knowledge are changing faster than ever and this requires new approaches in the employee training and development

Work processes and organizational structures are facing increasing challenges due to rapidly evolving technologies and a dynamic economic environment. People are able to adapt and learn new skills - this is in our nature and there is no need to give a more dramatic appearance to the "threat" of technological superiority or the loss of certain roles and activities in organizations.

What is needed, however, is to rethink the overall attitude towards trainings and skills development in the company. This means going beyond the usual framework, beyond the traditional notion of trainings and internal seminars. The "hunger" for specific skills and for people who have a specific combination of talents will increase. Looking for such employees outside the organization, especially in large businesses, is a tedious task that increasingly ends in compromise choices. The solution is to focus on creating solutions to new challenges "in house", instead of organizing or buying a course for each new requirement, technology or specific skill. The collective knowledge of employees should be used and they should be allowed to identify the areas of the company that need development. Ideas, new skills learned and even mistakes must be shared in a common stream of knowledge accessible to everyone.

The new approaches to trainings in companies also require appropriate tools to facilitate the process and meet new requirements and expectations. An example of how the process can be facilitated for all involved is to avoid traditional methods of distributing materials. The administration of the entire training in one platform, which will digitalize the organizational process around it, is a significant step towards changing the attitudes about trainings in the company as a whole. In order for an organization to be prepared to meet the new challenges, it is necessary to rethink its concepts and approaches in the processes of training and development and to update them as much as possible. Thus, the investment in the trainings themselves will have a more lasting effect. LS-S offers a web-based platform that can transform the entire process of organizing and administering all forms of training in the company.

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