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Business Simulation

The most practical method of preparation for future challenges

Business simulations are an interactive and practical training tool. They put the participants in a realistic situation, which simulates different options for the development of a particular case - HR challenge, personnel or financial issue and much more. Simulations combine a training and a game, most often using board games.

The business simulation method allows you to "experience" in real time the consequences of decisions and leadership behaviors. It illustrates the complex relationships between the current situation, challenges, available conditions and possible solutions. Thus, in a "risk-free" way, participants learn and prepare for future situations that will require from them to make decisions. Business simulations also offer options for participants to be placed in a competitive environment, giving them budget and time frames to deal with, recreating the real "business world".

There already exist ready-to-use business simulations with board games. They can be used to build a successful strategy for talent management - development and retention of people by the participating teams. These forms of training are as realistic as possible because they include unforeseen circumstances that affect every member of the team or even the whole organization. So, in a completely practical and interactive way, without dry theory and long presentations, leaders can learn in one day the basic principles of talent management, succession planning, potential development, etc. In case of urgent need for immediate decisions and unforeseen situations, it will no longer be a dead end, and it will be possible to take adequate and timely measures.

In the form of individual training or as part of talent development training - the business simulation with board game combines key knowledge with real action plan preparation that can be applied directly in a future situation related to human resource management.

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