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Remote Leadership

The growing need for remote leadership skills

The ongoing global changes transformed the way leaders, teams and individuals function and collaborate. Home office is no longer reserved territory for the IT sector only. More and more businesses are becoming aware that most of the changes will be long-lasting, and the possibility of operating entirely or partially remotely in the future is quite real.

Our own internal and external surveys show that more than 80% of the companies will switch to hybrid leadership permanently. So, there is an urgent need for leaders to revise and upgrade their skills tailored to the remote leadership reality and get easy-to-use support in the process of managing employees. This upgrade will allow leaders to match the “new normal” mindset and enable them for faster (on-time) reactions, adaptation of soft skills and behaviors, improvement of tech-savviness in diverse areas.

The time has come for organizations to focus and progress faster in this direction. A Gartner survey in 2019 shows that more than 50% of the business leaders are actively looking for support in the sphere of successful distant leadership, virtual team development, and leading virtual teams. There is a growing demand for data-driven guidance on organizational level and leaders to properly manage employees remotely and improve leadership competencies and skills. The pandemic accelerated this process, pushing the need for remote work and taking digital leadership to another new level. Leaders already understand that they can’t avoid this “new normal” and must acquire new skills and establish new practices.

Leadership Support has developed a mix of remote leadership solutions supporting business leaders in people and talent management, employee engagement, career development, identification of strengths and problem areas in the company based on individual employee feedback in conditions of remote work. They allow leaders not only to make informed decisions but also to react promptly and adequately towards their employees. Our remote leadership tools enable leaders to upgrade their skills and make the best of their performance.

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