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Motivation and engagement

Have you taken all necessary measures to raise employee motivation and engagement?

These two key factors for employee effectiveness - motivation and commitment - are so important and at the same time so vulnerable that consistent and focused work is needed on the part of the HR department and the entire management to be maintained at a high level in all departments.

Crisis situations, changes and restructurings, new ownership, unforeseen external circumstances - there are many factors that threaten the motivation of people in a company, and some of them are beyond the control of its management team. In such periods, it is necessary to study well the attitudes of employees and to identify certain teams where negative moods are stronger. This will provide a good basis for a discussion about employee engagement. If the right tools that generate reports with KPIs are selected, measures can also be taken to increase motivation and a concrete action plan can be drawn up.

Acting on issues such as commitment and motivation is a challenge because they are influenced by many factors and vary from one employee to another. It is possible that many measures have been taken that, in theory, should increase motivation: regular feedback, benefits for employees, providing a comfortable work environment, and yet an unhealthy work environment can still exist. It is characterized by a lack of initiative, unwillingness to take responsibility, lack of interest in the final results. Such an attitude of employees can be detrimental to the company. It has an avalanche effect and affects all newcomers, with the negative atmosphere covering more and more areas until it takes over every element of the working relationships.

Regular micro feedback surveys, which are like a pulse check for the current state of attitudes, don’t just allow for a timely response to a problem with motivation. They have another important role - to provide feedback from employees on topics such as trust, values, change and more. Guaranteed anonymity is essential for realistic results. Implementing such tools in the HR routine helps employees know that their opinion is important and that it can actually bring about positive change. And this is one of the prerequisites for having high levels of motivation and commitment in the company.

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