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Succession planning

Succession planning and career path - how to be best prepared for all possible scenarios

Effective succession planning brings great benefits to all employees because it answers their question, "What's next for me?". If the people in the company have the peace of mind that their career path is part of the human resources development strategy, they will be more motivated to achieve high results. Employees give a lot of themselves when their future is part of the company, and vice versa - if they feel that their development would continue elsewhere, they do not have the commitment to invest in their current workplace.

Continuity management aims to identify and develop future leaders in the company in a timely manner. In this way, the business will be prepared for many unforeseen situations by training and preparing highly efficient employees for its key roles. In order to plan a strategy for the development of its staff, the company must be prepared for the many possible scenarios related to career changes. One way is to put the managers in realistic situations where they have to make decisions about various unforeseen circumstances. This is achieved with the so-called business simulations, which are often performed with board games designed specifically to support talent management.

LS-S offers various options to facilitate the succession planning in your company. Our expertise includes platforms and trainings which manage talents and effectively plan the career path of employees and of each role. Thus, whether a position is opened as planned or unexpectedly, the decision to "inherit" it will be ready and stressful situations and overburdening of other employees will be avoided until the role is taken.

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