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Talent management

Are you consistent in talent management and can you discover the hidden potential in the teams?

The talents in the company have competencies, experience and potential for development, which support the implementation of the goals of the organization. Identifying these key employees who have the required talents for the roles is essential, as they achieve results on a lasting basis, are confident in their abilities, and are trusted by all colleagues.

How to create a specific organizational culture in which it is the key people who are motivated to give their best? Several well-established strategies need to be combined to achieve a lasting effect. One is the application of the competency approach, which provides an opportunity for effective talent management and the creation of a specific organizational culture that ensures the identification, motivation and engagement of competent employees working in key positions that bring high added value to the company. Another approach that is important to include in the talent management strategy is to create uniform rules and a clear structure for analyzing individual team members and their potential.

A unified team potential analysis structure is a challenge for many companies. In the absence of uniform rules in the analysis of individual team members, there is a risk that certain opportunities and qualities will go unnoticed. To avoid this risk, which could lead to a decline in efficiency and results, it is good to include the use of one platform by all managers to manage the talents in their teams. Another effective tool is to put leaders in realistic situations with the so-called business simulations that can also be performed with board games. During this type of training, participants learn to identify the potential and the objective evaluation the people in their teams.

The combination of digital tools, leadership training and business simulations is a key step in the successful role planning, talent management and preparation for unforeseen situations.

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