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Competency assessment

Traditional competency assessment becomes more effective as additional tools to analyze skills and behavior are used

Do we have clarity about the performance and potential of the employees in the company? How to identify guidelines for their development based on the long-term strategy and goals of the organization? By assessing competencies, the company gets a clearer picture in the form of transparency about skills, development needs and potential to effectively define its approach to talent management. Competency assessment is the key to ensuring employee engagement and motivation to perform tasks. By knowing the specifically required skills and behaviors for the position, employees are given the opportunity to independently manage their own career path.

Identifying the talents and strengths in the team is key to the company's growth. In addition to the potential and talent, for the good functioning of the teams it is necessary to analyze the behaviors of their members. They may have the right competencies for their roles, but not use or disclose them. This is due to many factors that affect employee behavior. The atmosphere in the team, the level of trust, the relations between the employees - these are just some of the things that can change the deployment of the potential. Personal characteristics should not be forgotten either - for example, if the employee is more introverted, he is likely to fail to fully reveal his talent, influenced by common attitudes or by more determined and enterprising colleagues.

It is possible to deal with this intricate matrix of skills, potential, personal characteristics and behaviors. For this purpose, the well-known Competency Assessment is applied, an important tool for every professional in the field of human resources. This assessment actually identifies strengths and areas for improvement based on specific behaviors according to the company's competency model. This is done to make informed decisions about the next step in employee development and training. It is necessary to write down the requirements and desired behaviors for each position, and then analyze the existing competencies. The end result is helping employees improve behaviors that are valued in the company.

An accurate and detailed analysis, such as 360-degree feedback, would help to assess competencies. It is important to adapt it according to the specific competency models and values of the company. Therefore, adapted feedback tools are much more effective than ready-made template surveys.

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