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Pinning down your talents with competency assessment software

Traditional competency assessment becomes more effective as additional tools to analyze skills and behavior are used

Business success is heavily dependent on strategic planning and employee performance. If your staff doesn’t do well in their jobs, sustaining losses is inevitable, resulting in decreased customer satisfaction, errors, and declining profits. But if you were to leverage competency assessment tools early in the recruitment process, you would transform individual performance and identify bad fits among your employees for better results across your entire organization.

LS-S has developed software solutions for revealing talents and development areas for employees of any enterprise, as well as collecting feedback to assess an employee’s potential. Having this information at your fingertips, you can implement an effective talent redeployment strategy and find a better fit for open positions.

A competency analysis can help you pinpoint the talent problem and overcome it. By identifying your company’s fundamental strengths and missing talents, you can get a better understanding of further steps. These may boil down to arranging refresher courses, investing in more advanced training, or hiring new employees.

Employee competency assessment: Bridge the gap between existing and missing skills

High turnover is often a culprit of low employee morale and a poor reputation in the business world. Long hours and vague responsibilities may encourage your team members to quit, triggering a snowball effect. Ultimately, this may cost you a lot and negatively affect the willingness of potential candidates to apply for your job openings.

Competency skills assessment software is designed to ensure your employees are the right candidates for the jobs. With the LS-S tool, you can swiftly get feedback from your managers and team members and see how it stacks up against self-assessment and other talent evaluation models. This allows you to find out whether your employees possess the hard and soft skills required to succeed in their roles and stay motivated.

By incorporating our competency measurement tool, you can:

  • Conduct a skills audit with comparable results
  • Identify hard and soft skills gaps
  • Create individual training plans
  • Plan career paths for your staff
  • Better outline roles and prevent misunderstanding
  • Avoid mistakes during the recruitment process

Turning a blind eye to competency assessment may leave your organization with under-qualified candidates and low deliverables. You wouldn’t expect a poor fit to perform a task flawlessly, but it doesn’t mean you can’t avoid making bad hiring decisions in the first place.

Conduct a competency assessment and identify growth opportunities

Are you going to expand your team but don’t know what specialist is the perfect match? Get started with a comprehensive competency analysis to learn more about the current skills gaps and talent development opportunities.

You may already have an employee you’re looking for, but they may not be able to demonstrate their talents just because they are overshadowed by someone else. The way you build your team can significantly affect employee performance and behaviors.

LS-S software allows you to see the whole picture and streamline your HR processes. Adopt it today to help your employees progress from novice to expert and take the workforce issue off the table.

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