Values Indicator®

Measure the corporate values and ensure their sustainability

Values Indicator®

What is Values Indicator and where do we use it?

  • The sustainability of corporate values over time is a challenge that can be overcome with the help of the web-based tool Values Indicator.
  • The employees` attitude towards the defined values can be easily tracked and analyzed over time.
  • Values Indicator improves the corporate culture and supports the leaders’ efforts in this area.

How does it work?

  • Initial setup of the unique corporate values which will be evaluated by the employees.
  • Each employee evaluates one or two of the values on a weekly basis. They reflect on how they have lived the value themselves and how they have experienced it from the others.
  • KPIs about values are generated and updated on an ongoing basis.
  • Completely customizable system according to the company’s needs - corporate values, frequency of the survey and reporting, design.

Challenges for the organization and the team leaders

Challenge Our solution
Generations clash: The present-day generations have a stronger need to provide feedback Quick survey that responds to the need for constant feedback
The corporate values often remain unrecognized by the employees Observation of the development of every corporate value over time and for every department
The main corporate values are defined once and never looked at again The corporate values are kept “alive” by being reminded of regularly
The sustainability of values is threatened due to being perceived differently by the individual teams Common criteria for all teams within the company regarding the sustainability of the values

Key benefits of the Values Indicator

  • Consulting about segmentation of departments for the survey, grouping of the values according to the Graves model or general strategic topics for the company.
  • A better recognition of the corporate values and improved perception and influence in the teams.
  • Values Indicator is simple to use web-based tool with two interfaces: online platform for the employees with the survey and detailed information for each value and administration panel for the managers with reports and statistics about the results.
  • Automated reports for both the company and its individual business units are generated. The team leader can identify and subsequently analyze the changes in attitudes towards the values based on the reports.

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