Variety of opportunities to transform the organizational culture.


The management, leaders and participants receive training with each of our products

As a part of its approach to deliver a complete service to its clients, LS-S includes training for all project participants: managers, team leaders, HR team, employees. It is necessary in order to maximize the benefits for the company and to have a tangible effect on the internal culture and teams results.

Leadership Support's mission is to provide practical solutions with proven effectiveness, and our experience shows that in order to have a successful result from the investment in such project, everyone involved must be able to read and analyze their reports. Only in this way can planning and strategic changes be made.


Training as a part of the product

When choosing our product, we will educate participants about its logic and basic principles. Also includes debrief for the reports.

Training by request

Training in specific skills or working methods, such as various soft skills, team effectiveness, etc.

Why choose a training by LS-S?

  • Independent application and evaluation of the tool
  • Organizational culture improvement: feedback has its life through the follow-up analyzes and measures you will take based on the training and knowledge you have received
  • Developing certain skills: soft skills, leadership, etc.
  • You are prepared for strategic planning

Leadership training by LS-S - an exemplary process:

Step 1

Consultation on the current situation in the company and the training objectives

Step 2

Designing a detailed plan by LS-S

Step 3

Incorporating feedback, psychometry and mentoring tools

Step 4

Structural training: case studies, specific skills trainings, feedback results analysis

Step 5

Including real projects for participants

Step 6

Internal or external trainers, benchmarking, counseling to apply the newly learned skills

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