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LS-S Leadership Support is a product brand of Lean Digital Solutions. The company is part of a German consortium with over 30 years of international experience in innovative development of leaders, teams, and businesses.

We optimize human resource management and organizational development by covering all key HR areas:

Different organizational levels require a different approach


Our experience shows that effective feedback requires a detailed look at each group

Leaders need fast digital solutions to help them in strategic planning, team development and track hard-to-measure processes. Creating a motivated team involves many small processes that are aided by LS-S products. Individual employees need to provide constructive feedback with guaranteed anonymity.

The organizational culture can be measured and managed

A major factor for the success and effectiveness of the teams is the culture in the company. It cannot be put like a rule in employee handbooks and guides. It is beyond them, it is living and changing, and it is something that cannot be written. We offer flexible digital feedback and analysis tools for people or processes. Solutions to get a realistic look at the state of different elements of corporate culture. Digital products that will support its development, as well as that of individual talents.

Case Studies

Take a look at the case studies, how we work with our clients, and what they say about the benefits of our joint projects. We support processes that create next-generation work environments to support leaders in achieving better results, improved skills, and effective team and organisational environments.



Bringing the key aspects of talent management to life in an engaging and interactive way


Digital talent management at its finest

How are the LS-S products useful to you?

  • Quick and interactive soft skills measurement
  • Digitizing and automating traditionally manual workflows
  • Significant savings of time and resources by reducing administration, printing other expenses
  • Focused insight through AI analysis

How are they different?

  • Fully customizable
  • Easy accessibility and intuitive interface
  • 100% data security
  • Key metrics charts and reports
  • Optional translation into all languages
  • Hosting in Germany

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Our experts recommend

Improve your feedback system and avoid the most common mistakes.

The “Black Book: Feedback Systems. Why many feedbacks don’t work and what to do about it” is the ultimate practitioners’ guide that helps you avoid the 20+1 most common mistakes in Employee Opinion Surveys and 360 Feedbacks. It reveals what are these mistakes, why are they reoccurring among companies and at what phase of the feedback process: during the choice of the system, the survey design, or may be even after receiving the reports. Be aware and learn everything about the potential pitfalls. Get applicable guidelines inspired by the several decades of the author’s practice.

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