Business Case Calculator for the "Return On Learning"

Demonstrate the ROI of your HR and OD measures investment with convincing data and appealing graphics

Business Case Calculator for the

What is Business Case Calculator and where do we use it?

  • Business Case Calculator is your digital assistant for creating a business plan for your HR and OD measures.
  • The instrument gives you options to place all available facts and figures into the right context.
  • It provides you with useful statistics and important metrics to support and solidify your investment proposal for HR and OD initiatives.
  • Business Case Calculator analyzes all figures and facts about your HR investment and helps you receive an approval about the costs.
  • The tool also provides valuable data about the return on investment, regarding your HR projects that your department wants to implement, like leadership programs, learning and development initiatives, etc.

How does it work?

  • Business Case Calculator analyzes the information you provide in the 4 pre-set data requesting areas, including Investment Description, General Information, Expected Benefit, Investment Values.
  • The instrument helps you calculate the break-even and the return on investment of "soft" measures in HR and OD.
  • You are provided with a meaningful report, which can be exported as a PDF file with various scenarios.
  • Based on the integrated information, the tool generates convincing data with appealing graphics that every HR expert or leader can use to justify its project costs before the management or the financial department.

Challenges for the organization and the team leaders

Challenge Our Solution
Pull back on HR/OD investments in times of crisis not supported by ROI data The tool provides a cost estimate of the total investment, the ROI, and the price the company will pay if it does nothing
Prioritizing projects and resources often neglecting the HR/OD ones as not critical for the success of the organization Identifies all the key metrics necessary for proving the level of importance and cost efficiency of your HR/OD project
Difficulties in defending the return-on-investment values of a given HR/OD project Provides more profound insight into metrics that can improve decision-making regarding investments in HR/OD measures

Key benefits of the Business Case Calculator

  • Usable for multiple business cases.
  • Generates convincing data with appealing graphics.
  • More effective company operations.

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