Company Specific 360° Feedback

Identify individual strengths and potential for improvement

Company Specific 360° Feedback

What is Company-Specific 360° Feedback and where do we use it?

  • 360-degree feedback is a reflection of the employee’s potential based on the values and competency models of the company. By collecting feedback from different raters, it compares self-perception with the external perception of managers, direct reports and colleagues working with the participant.
  • Supports individual development over time and identifies general trends in the company.
  • Improves the feedback culture in the company.

How does it work?

  • The tool is based on feedback by different respondent groups and compares the employee's self-reflection with the perceptions of them by others.
  • Detailed reports are generated comparing the opinions of different observers in order to assist each employee in identifying their strengths and improving their development.
    • The 360-degree feedback questionnaire is adapted to the company's values and competency models.
  • The graphics of the reports are completely adaptable to the corporate design.

Challenges for the organization, team leaders and the employees

Challenge Our solution
Employees do not receive systematic information about the perceptions towards them Anonymous reports, based on several surveys
Supporting individual development in the long run Periodic feedback by the managers and others in the team
Use of surveys on ready-made standard models that do not contribute to the effectiveness of the feedback Company-Specific 360 ° Feedback, adapted to the competencies and values in the company
Risk for the potential or possible problems in the work of individual employees to remain unnoticed Collection of information from different points of view, including self-perception

Key benefits of Company-Specific 360° Feedback

  • Mechanism for sincere feedback
  • Identification of general trends for the company
  • Encourages the self-improvement of each employee and creates motivation for changes in behavior
  • Creates and develops a culture of feedback

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