Agility Indicator

Business Agility: analyze the actual state, attitudes and opportunities for improvement

Agility Indicator

What is Agility Indicator and where do we use it?

  • Agility is not just a current marketing word, but an essential methodology that helps companies succeed even in increasingly unpredictable future circumstances.
  • Agility Indicator is a tool for multilateral feedback that helps achieve organizational development goals.
  • Agility Indicator helps to manage the transition to agile method of work and way of thinking. It can be used by organizations that plan to apply these approaches, as well as those that already work with the agile methodology, but would like to explore attitudes and "adjust their clock" to the actual situation.

How does it work?

  • This instrument "scans" the organization inside and out and presents a broad perspective on the level of flexibility and adaptability of the company.
  • Participants evaluate statements about how the organization thinks and functions in 4 key areas. The survey can be conducted within one team only or in the whole organization.
  • The different characteristics of business agility are compared in the report, which provides a basis for drawing up a development plan.

Challenges for the leaders, teams and the organization

Challenge Our Solution
The processes and structure in the organization function in outdated and cumbersome models Research on the attitude towards the application of agile methodology in work processes
Agility principles have been introduced in the company, but do not work properly A quick survey that provides a clear graphical analysis of the current situation and identifies obstacles to the application of the agile methodology
Difference in working with agile principles between different organizational units Internal benchmarking and comparisons between departments. An excellent basis for discussion and consultation between leaders and specialists in the company
Generational clash: different generations in the company adopt an agile approach with different attitudes Feedback on the overall attitude towards business agility in the company and greater continuity between generations in terms of work process

Key benefits of the Agility Indicator

  • Helps to analyze the need for investment in business agility.
  • Comparison of different characteristics of agility and the results of individual organizational units.
  • Management receives reports with key performance indicators related to the attitudes and way of thinking in the teams regarding the agile methodology. This allows to develop the competitiveness of the company, making it more adaptable and flexible.

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