Employee Pulse Survey

Pulse check during times of crisis. Be prepared for the new normal

Employee Pulse Survey

What is Employee Pulse Survey and where do we use it?

  • The Employee Pulse Survey provides more frequent, agile and actionable feedback from the employees in an organization compared to the longer traditional surveys.
  • The development of the Pulse Survey was part of the initiative of Leadership Support to help businesses cope with the COVID-19 crisis. The survey can be part of the company’s measures during the difficult post crises periods or future times of crisis, global and local.
  • The organization is only able to pull through the crisis if the employees are engaged and how you interact with them is the only control you have during unpredictable times.

How does it work?

  • The employees are invited to participate in a weekly short survey with 4 questions about their wellbeing and engagement.
  • Respondents can add open comments to every question anonymously.
  • Real-time reports based on all responses are generated. They include: levels of engagement and wellbeing, participation rate, and heat map with the data from the participant answers.
  • The analysis allows comparison between the iterations and the dynamics of the indicators.

Challenges for the organization, team leaders and the employees

Collaboration between employees is hindered because of the crisis and the remote work Direct insights on how to best support the employees during times of crisis by collecting their feedback
Lack of continuous up-to-date insights for the leaders on current affairs The weekly results show possible changes and whether the actions taken have led to the desired results
Fast and effective tool to receive feedback Easy set-up, real time results
Staying in touch with your employees during remote work The employees get a perspective and a sense of purpose, responding to their need for clarity
Indications that the employees are dissatisfied Discovering and analyzing troublesome areas in the work of each employee
No opportunity for direct communication on problematic topics between the employee and the team leader (during crisis) Option for anonymous comments to the direct supervisor. Quick and simple responses by the supervisor.

Key benefits of the Employee Pulse Survey

  • UNDERSTAND YOUR PEOPLE With an easy-to-use survey builder, in-product expertise, and intuitive employee directory management, ongoing pulse programs give you actionable, continuous employee insights to drive better employee experience.
  • GATHER FREQUENT REAL-TIME INSIGHTS With built-in and automatic analytics, drill down reporting, and robust filtering, even the most complex organisations can quickly gain a real-time understanding of their employees.
  • INSIGHTS THAT IMPACT THE BOTTOM LINE Turn your insights into business impact with built-in action planning tools and expertise that help your managers implement improvements and monitor progress.
  • EMPOWER EVERY MANAGER IN YOUR ORGANISATION Improve employee engagement with real-time insights that show the managers where exactly to focus their efforts to increase employee performance.

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