Smart Handout

Administration, editing and distribution of presentations and training materials in a fully digital environment

Smart Handout

What is Smart Handout and where do we use it?

  • Smart Handout is a web-based platform that allows fast and easy distribution of presentations and training materials for seminars, meetings and conferences digitally.
  • The platform fully digitizes the organizational process around the event, saving time and costs.
  • Smart Handout optimizes the complex and cumbersome process of organizing materials and participants for an event or training.

How does it work?

  • The product supports the whole process of the event: from sending invitations to contacting the participants with additional materials and photos after the event.
  • All materials are collected in one place in a digital format, arranged by sessions or topics.
  • In Smart Handout, the documents for the participants can be reorganized at any time.
  • The platform sends notifications to the participants, containing details about the event: location, date and titles of the modules.
  • Participants can view and download training materials on their computers and mobile devices.

Key benefits of the Smart Handout

  • Smart Handout reduces the cost of printing training materials and saves time for their preparation and distribution
  • The platform offers a simplified process of administering a training or event
  • Materials remain accessible from any device and at any time
  • Environmental care: saves a huge amount of paper

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