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    Digitizes the HR risk
    management process
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    Creates an overview of all your
    team members in one place
  • null
    Helps you build a strategy
    for organizational development
  • null
    Proper planning of resources
  • null
    Analyse your direct reports
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    Get a retention forecast
TPA 12.9 inch screens1

Step 1

Enter the basic information like position, time spent in the company, etc.

Step 2

Complete a short assessment with the 12 predefined dimensions.

TPA 12.9 inch screens2
TPA 12.9 inch screens3

Step 3

Every team member is then positioned in the Talent Portfolio graphic.

Step 4

Get support for your strategical decisions with the predefined development actions or add your own custom actions.

TPA 12.9 inch screens4
TPA 12.9 inch screens5

Step 5

Recognize key players, stars and talent risks at one glimpse with the Talent/Classic Portfolio graphic.

  • The various graphics can help you identify which employees are in the danger zone and which are your reliable pillars.
  • Get recommendations for development actions.
  • Recognize critical results and prioritize appropriate actions with the HR Risk Assessment diagram.
  • Export your risk analysis, development plan or talent portfolio reports and use them for presentations or meetings.
  • Works offline on mobiles & tablets
  • No system integration needed
  • BYOD enabled
  • Data protection and data security: no synchronization in the cloud
  • GDPR compliant
  • 100% anonymity is guaranteed
  • Available in English and German
  • Export of pdf files