"Embedded Blended Leadership Environment" received funding worth BGN 4.6 million, promoting innovation in the field of digital technologies and development of leaders

"Blended Leading" received funding worth BGN 4.6 million, allocated to innovation in the field of digital technologies and development of leaders. We are pleased to announce our project "Blended Leading" has been approved for funding by the Ministry of Innovation and Growth under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

On September 12th 2023, Lean Digital Solutions Ltd. signed a grant agreement with No. BG-RRP-2.006-0013-C01, implemented under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, for a total value of BGN 6,626,141.80.

This success comes on the heels of another achievement of ours — being awarded the "Seal of Excellence" in the area of "Future of Work" by the EU's largest research and innovation support program, Horizon Europe. The grant is given to enterprises that have demonstrated potential for excellence in their field and are working on the development of an innovative and high-quality technological product.

With "Blended Leading" we aim to improve the way leaders are developed, helping each leader easily apply the information already acquired through trainings and various tools in the field of human resources." says Kamen Kanev, manager of LS-S Leadership Support (a brand under Lean Digital Solutions Ltd.).

The Challenges

Currently, there’s a number of methods and tools utilized for HR analytics. Collecting data for its own sake doesn’t necessarily lead to improvement, however, and what’s learned over the course of numerous trainings is often too general and abstract to be applicable in practice. As a result, a lot of time is wasted sifting through information without it leading to actual improvement.

How “Blended Leading” Helps Leaders

“Blended Leading” was designed in response to these challenges. It supports leaders in navigating the ocean of information and getting valuable personalized insights to help them improve their skills.

The product allows them to:

  1. Analyze data effortlessly – thorough, summarized overview reports, tailored to the specific needs of each leader, significantly cut down on wasted time and energy.

  2. Identify areas for improvement – defining growth potential in reference to the development of team members, resulting in a competitive advantage and a clear outlook on the path forward.

  3. Continuously get personalized, data-backed advice — after the initial analysis stage, “Blended Leading” uses reminders and personalized suggestions to help leaders make changes in real-time.

The highly personalized approach, easy-to-read reports, and consistent support are what makes “Blended Leading” indispensable to leaders who want to go beyond what’s acceptable and into what’s remarkable.

The fact “Blended Leading” has been approved for financing is a huge recognition of our efforts and speaks to the importance of digitalization of management processes.

This achievement really shows that the Bulgarian innovation ecosystem has its own resources for development and that we have the potential to be a part of the new wave of innovation in Europe.

We believe the success of “Blended Leading” would mean success for businesses in Bulgaria as a whole. Effective leadership translates not only to increased profits, but also to the improved well-being and productivity of employees at every level of the organization. The question is no longer whether we have potential, but how to reach its maximum.