Maximizing your Business Agility: reflect your potential with Agility indicator

Maximizing your Business Agility: reflect your potential with Agility indicator

For any organization to survive and thrive in this fast-paced environment, it’s vital to bring agility into its business culture, management, team, and strategy. Agility can provide a competitive edge as you develop your products, enter new markets, and act on change. It allows you to exploit opportunities and adapt to circumstances faster while delivering financial results. But you can’t be sure your organization is agile-ready without tracking agile KPIs.

If you can’t measure your progress, how can you keep your business growing and stay ahead of the competition? When the big picture is rather hidden than at your fingertips, you are more likely to believe your team is doing a great job, even if it isn’t. That’s why, no matter what agile transformation stage you are at, you can’t do without tracking agility metrics and KPIs.

With Agility Indicator, you can get detailed insights into your organization’s performance and agile readiness. Whether you’re learning the ropes of the agility methodology or actively adopting it in real-life cases, Agility Indicator is the right tool for your goals.

Advantages of tracking KPIs for agile transformation

The technological revolution has forced organizations to reprioritize, with efficiency and velocity stealing the show. If you’re into delivering solutions, all your employees have to know how to employ agile practices, from team leaders to customer support managers. If they don’t, you will fail to roll out your products and services faster than your rivals.

It’s hard to underestimate the importance of defining and tracking KPIs in agile environments. They are your numerical answers to process efficiency, deliverables, velocity, and other questions you may have amid your agile transformation journey.

Agility Indicator brings the harsh truth about your organization’s adaptability to light by evaluating feedback and defining non-productive strategies and business processes that require modification. It lets you check the KPIs of an agile team or the whole organization, from top management to individual employees. The findings can help you:

  • Evaluate your agile readiness
  • Pinpoint bottlenecks that may keep you from adopting the agile methodology
  • Boost deployment and flow efficiency
  • Build a thriving team in which everybody is on the same page about agility

If there’s a talent shortage or more investments are needed to achieve agility, Agility Indicator will show that too. The tool delivers reports with reliable data on the business impact and success.

Stay ahead of the game with the web platform for agility KPI management and analysis.

LS-S empowers teams with a web-based platform that helps get rid of tunnel vision and drive strategic alignment. With Agility Indicator, you can evaluate the planning and operational results of your current projects and map out a forward-looking adoption strategy for agility. The tool makes it easier to reconsider your investment decisions and handle impediments that come your way as you adapt to ongoing changes.

Do you want to measure your agile team’s KPIs and learn more about your organization’s agile readiness? Contact us to get your hands on a free Agility Indicator demo.