LS-S Expert Hannes Horn Presents A New Training Concept To The World Of PERSONALFÜHRUNG Magazine

The dynamics and speed with which digital change is taking over more and more industries is breathtaking. An increasing number of companies have started changing their business models, structures and processes regularly; along with them HR is getting more digital every day.

In the meantime, there is a quiet majority of companies closing the gap. Just because they do not speak of the war going on, it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Understanding Change

In reality, “war” is not the appropriate term. Transformation is a neutral phenomenon. Change happens with or without one’s company. Transformation is the constant; one’s company, department or own person are the variables. They can either profit from changing or be left behind.

Therefore, the challenge hides in understanding this phenomenon and addressing it by adopting the right tools and methodologies to become the driving force of transformation instead of its victim. What is the best way to get there? Expertise.

Shaping Change

DGFP was created to answer to these needs// The training “Transformation” was, at large, developed by our digital HR expert, Hannes Horn. He is also participating in the training as a mentor and facilitator. The aim of the seven-day program is to provide HR professionals with the opportunity to acquire decision-making skills and act toward digital transformation; to show them this is more than a new change concept.

Find out more about the program in the current issue of Personalführung magazine, which can be viewed free of charge here (PDF attached in German).