How To Get The Most Out Of A Conference

How To Get The Most Out Of A Conference

If you are going to attend a conference or two this year (like the ATD Conference on Sunday 21.05.2017, it’s helpful to have an action plan for getting the most out of the conference. And that is exactly what we are providing you with in order to not get lost in the cascade of inspiring information, great talks and productive workshops. This is how we do it with ActExs, our leadership and productivity app (PlayStore & AppStore.

Tame information overload with a single app

In case you wondered: ActExs is an app, which combines the features of conference apps, note taking apps, PDF annotation apps, list- and also KPI tracking apps. It uses their individual assets to create one powerful app of their collective strengths so that you can think, act and lead in an intelligible workflow to tame information overload.

And information overload is exactly what happens during really inspiring events. You try to keep track of your tight schedule, making notes on the fly, while meeting interesting people and tweeting about the great ideas you hear. Of course there is no time to make structured notes – even less to immediately act upon them. This is why we collected some tips for you how to really get the most out of every conference you visit.


  • First download the app for free (Google Play Store) or (App Store)
  • Create a session just for the conference in order to collect all the information in one place
  • Upload your conference pass to make sure it is with you during the registration
  • Make an action plan – which parts of the program you want to attend and synchronize it with your calendar
  • Also, get a good look at the speakers and make a short list which people you want to meet


  • Add different content in PDF or image format to your conference session: the possibilities are endless – presentation slides, conference handouts, links, papers, scribbles on whiteboards or flip charts, business cards, workshop results and much more
  • Quickly add notes to specific pages of all these documents in case you capture additional information
  • Highlight important parts or supplement them with photo pages and blank pages. Adieu old-school paper notes!
  • You heared something interesting and do not want to lose time? Define a task for your colleagues, assign lead and participants, give it a deadline and a priority


  • This is where ActExs really shines: you can easily sum up your information on your way back as it is structured already.
  • Also be flexible and export any document you’ve worked on in ActExs the way you like to
  • You have now great and inspiring informations from the conference: you don’t have to collect everything once again, because you have it in ActExs
  • Easily share the knowledge you collected with your colleagues and track execution of your tasks with native KPI’s

And now: Go and rock the conference with ActExs!