ActExs now available in the Google Play store

ActExs now available in the Google Play store

We constantly update our products to optimize them. Now it is time again. In November 2016 we surprised you with an updated version of ActExs for iOS. Now we are proud to announce that our app is available in the Google Play Store.

Android users, do not hesitate to download ActExs and test its power to make idea workflow a breeze for free for 90 days.

Put all your ideas into action and organize them without going in between apps, printed handouts and notepads. Let yourself be guided by the ingenious principle of the app: think, act and lead.

The app has many advantages, but a decisive one is the powerful way in which its features work together. ActEx combines five different functionalities into one, namely writing notes, annotating PDFs, creating to-do lists, attending conferences, and, of course, measuring KPIs. We carefully selected these particular ones to empower your ideas.

Every thought can lead to great actions

An idea is a fleeting treasure, so our aim is to help you preserve and lead it to reality.

Let’s say you’re looking at a presentation, document or just a few photos on any topic. You can hardly wait to put your thoughts on those into actionable tasks, so you grab the notepad or PDF annotation app and, best case scenario, write down all your ideas and goals.

What would those notes look like?

PDF “John Doe” Page 13, Paragraph 3: theory is interesting need to do more research to evaluate… isn’t there an event coming up on this? maybe Jane Doe will know more on that; she studied that? there’s this author that’s mentioned, I should check out his work…

How are all these thoughts going to play out?

Whether you are reading a book, paper, PDF, etc., to organize all these thoughts and act on them would be messy. Let’s elaborate.

If you are using a paper source you’ll put ideas down on a notepad that you can easily forget about in the fast-pace of nowadays’ existence. If you are working on a PDF, you’ll annotate on it and probably lose it in the myriad of files on your device.

What happens to your ideas, desired research of theories, authors, events, etc.? Nothing. They are lost until one day maybe you’ll reopen them or stumble upon them to find that they are now irrelevant.

What does ActExs change?

Let’s be honest, we are glued to our devices. The best way to store ideas is on them, but in an interactive way, and that’s how you can change the above situation with ActExs.

If you are reading a PDF, work on it in ActExs. If you are working on a paper copy of something, with ActExs you can take photos of it. Click. It’s digital.

No notepads, PDF annotation or note-taking apps needed. In ActExs you can add the above notes for “Page 13” directly underneath each page in your document.

That event which can enrich your knowledge you wrote about, in ActExs you can create a task (action) as a reminder to go there. Send it to your email, attach an .ics file, so the date is integrated with your calendar and you don’t forget about it until it’s irrelevant.

Jane Doe, she might know more? Export the document or just the page, with or without your notes, send it to her via email and ask her for the information you need.

If Jane Doe uses ActExs too, she can import what you sent her and send her comments on your thoughts with our feedback feature.

If it’s a work-related research, create an action and make Jane Doe the lead. This way you can track efficiency of team tasks too with several of our productivity-friendly KPIs, available in the app’s dashboard.

That author you should check out, import his work in ActExs and put it together with the original document in one session (similar to a folder) devoted to that topic and research.

Lather, rinse, repeat for any work you do on materials and presentations you find for yourself, for your team (as a member or a leader), for workshops or conferences you attend or organize.

The applications are endless, but the principle is one:

  • Think = capture thoughts with notes, annotations and others
  • Act = realize ideas by exporting documents and actions
  • Lead = improve yourself and others via KPIs and feedback