The Blended Leading project goes further in the competition for funding the most innovative projects in Europe

The technological innovation in the field of remote and hybrid leadership has successfully passed the second key phase of the EU's Horizon Europe research and innovation framework programme. The project of LS-S Leadership Support (a brand of Lean Digital Solutions Ltd.) has been again ranked with the maximum number of positive assessments for the third final stage of the programme.

According to the evaluators, the project has the characteristics of a "state of the art development and proposed added value and beyond state of the art evolution" that will have an overall positive economic impact, improving the performance of leaders and employees. Furthermore, they claim that "the product has big potential to drive a change in the market" because of its unique leadership competency model.

The "Blended Leading" product is based on LS-S Leadership Support's own research on the psychological and behavioural patterns of leaders and their unique needs right now. Blended Leading allows leaders to develop themselves and their teams in the most effective way possible without leaving the Microsoft Teams interface. The technology solution enables them to make informed decisions and respond quickly and appropriately to their employees.

Already in the first stage of the program, the innovation was defined as a "highly innovative solution" that "goes beyond the state of the art".

The third round of Horizon Europe will take place in September, and the LS-S Leadership Support team will present the Blended Leading project in front of a jury of experts and investors and answer their questions.

The "Horizon Europe" programme aims to achieve more scientific breakthroughs and discoveries and boost Europe's innovation capacity, competitiveness, and jobs, thus ensuring European technological sovereignty. The programme's focus is to accelerate the green and digital transition of the member states, strengthen the EU's resilience and crisis preparedness, and support Europe's global competitiveness.