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    Get honest feedback
    on the essential trust factor
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    Evaluate the current status vs. the desired
    status of the trust culture
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    Get a clear overview of the gaps
    between current and desired status
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    The trust level is displayed based
    on the perception of all team members
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    Facilitates the development of an action
    plan to improve trust
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    Pre- and post-course assessments
    allow the team to see their improvements

Step 1

The team members assess the current status of the defined competencies (for example before a team building workshop)

Step 2

The team discusses the results based on visual reports and defines actions on how to improve the trust culture in the organization

Step 3

The team members complete a follow-up survey that indicates the progress in the trust levels

  • 36 items for assessment grouped into 3 key areas and 9 dimensions.
  • Clear graphical reports.
  • Two open questions where team members can provide comments.
  • The development of the trust culture becomes measurable.
  • The system is externally hosted in Germany – no need to integrate it into your IT system.

What can the Trust-O-Meter do for you?

  • Lack or low levels of trust within organizations are a common leadership and team issue.
  • The reports provide an excellent base for fruitful discussions and help define steps and measures for improvements in the trust culture.
  • The goal is to track the impact of measures the team took to improve the trust levels.
  • Improved communication.
  • Improved relationships by creating a good base for open discussions.
  • Open questions allow specialized feedback.

Business case

Every organization can suffer from the consequences of the lack of trust:

  • Employees are less engaged
  • They can speak negatively of the organization in front of colleagues or potential recruits
  • The team is less productive

All these negative effects can be avoided by measuring the current status of the trust culture and improving it with the active participation of the team.


  • Accessible by browser
  • Internet connection required
  • Mobile friendly
  • No Plug-Ins
  • BYOD enabled
  • 100% anonymity / data security
  • Available in English and German
  • Graphic reports
  • Open Comments


  • Consulting & Training available
  • Design customizable
  • Content modifiable
  • Paper based questionnaire available