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What is ActExs and where do we use it?

  • ActExs is a mobile app that combines the functions of taking notes, PDF annotation, task management, conference applications, KPI tracking.
  • The ocean of information, materials and tasks is organized and arranged in a simple process with ActExs.
  • ActExs is a product that can be useful to team leaders, participants in conferences or trainings, and anyone who wants to organize their daily work process and the information they receive from different channels.

How does it work?

  • With ActExs, you import PDF files with various types of documents, as well as images.
  • Files can be freely annotated or just certain parts of them can be marked; images and blank pages can also be added to the document. These files are grouped by user-defined topics and sessions.
  • Ideas and notes on a particular topic remain preserved and arranged. They can be exported with various applications for email or data storage.
  • For each document, session or idea you can create a task with its own deadline, assignee and description.

Challenges for the organization, team leaders and the employees

Huge amount of information: online, from trainings, conferences, articles, etc. - difficult to be tracked and stored A product that combines many functions of different apps for processing and exporting files
Valuable ideas remain "lost" and no action is ever taken to implement them Add notes directly to the files. Opportunity to turn an idea into a task
Preparation and logistics of materials for seminars, trainings and conferences Uploading all materials on one platform, accessible to each participant of the event

Key benefits of ActExs

  • Completely eliminates the printing and manual distribution of event materials, saving on preparation and logistics costs
  • Replaces the Learning Management system in the company
  • Automatic generation of KPIs
  • Capture function directly in the app
  • Organizing and storing ideas and notes
  • Easy access to all materials and sessions at any time
  • Task management system for anyone who wants to bring their ideas to completed projects

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