LS-S Leadership Support – Faster, Stronger, Better With AI

LS-S Leadership Support – Faster, Stronger, Better With AI

While we don’t believe AI is an equal substitute for human intellect just yet, the technology is becoming more and more sophisticated, and we’ve incorporated it into our processes with great success.

Most of our tools are designed to give companies and organizations focused reports on abstract goals and issues, such as soft skills and processes, change management, or corporate values, for example, and are heavily based on feedback.

Because there’s only so much information you can get through closed questions, open commentary is crucial for getting accurate insights, but they can be quite difficult to analyze. The bigger the organization, the higher the number of employees, and the harder it becomes to go through everyone’s answers.

This is where AI can supplement human analysis to provide deeper insights our customers can use to make better decisions about their businesses.

How Do We Incorporate AI Into Our Tools and Services?

Gathering all the information from your employees might be straightforward, but deriving key insights from it is not. Yes, you could sit down and read though tens of pages of comments, but is this the best way to utilize your time as a leader?

This is where Leadership Support comes into play. Our experience and custom approach enable us to zero in on the metrics you care about and give you insights you can act on. Today, we’re able to utilize the power of AI to refine this process further, by using it to analyze vast quantities of free-form comments, identify the main patterns, and present them to you in a visual report you can understand.

Are most of your employees unhappy with internal communication? Do they believe in the organization’s values? What do they like and what do they think should be improved? These are just a few examples of questions you could now know the valuable answer to thanks to AI. Artificial intelligence saves us time by taking over tasks that are relatively simple in nature, but time-consuming to complete.

Analyzing huge amounts of unstructured data to extract deep, qualitative, and actionable insights is at the heart of our work. It is, of course, possible for a human to do this – trust us, we’ve done so for years - but it requires a tremendous amount of time and effort that can be better spent elsewhere. To us, this is the ideal use of the technology – taking over the tedious tasks that are necessary but time-consuming, allowing us to work on improving everything else for our customers.

Thanks to AI text analysis, we’re quicker and more effective than ever, which means we can spend more time refining our services, giving you better results, faster.

Examples of AI in Our Services

The Company-Specific 360° Feedback tool is where AI text analysis is particularly helpful, as it tends to yield a large amount of free-form answers which we then synthesize into an easy-to-read report. The information we gain this way is crucial but extracting it is laborious.

AI tools like ChatGPT can go over all the responses quickly and help us identify reoccurring themes, giving us an overview of the situation which we can then use to advise you and point the way to improvement.

The Employee Pulse Survey (EPS) is another service we’ve made more efficient through AI. EPS keeps you informed of your employee's current issues and well-being but collecting this information in real time means there’s lots of it. Helping you react to change quickly is one of EPS’s main functions and AI makes the whole process even faster.

EPS is especially useful with remote employees since the distance makes it harder to notice changes and challenges your employee might be experiencing. EPS helps you bridge that gap and AI gets rid of the speed bumps along the way.

Why We’ve Adopted the Use of AI

Agility is built into our business model, and we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt quickly and seize opportunities for improvement when they present themselves. Incorporating AI into our products and services is a natural extension of that strategy and has enabled us to evolve and adapt for our entire history.

Of course, incorporating AI into our services is just one of the recent improvements we’ve made. Continuous growth is one of our core values and we’ll always look for ways we can be better for our clients. If you’d like to learn more about how our latest AI-driven processes can make a difference for your business, reach out for a free consultation.