Why is it critical to ask for your employees’ opinion

Why is it critical to ask for your employees’ opinion

Suppose you don't find the time or the way to create a proper, positive, and open sharing environment in your organization. In that case, it won't be long before it cost you a severe loss of talents and high costs for recruiting new staff and requalifying the old one. Moreover, the price you will pay for missed opportunities, lost revenue, negative attitudes, and low productivity of your people due to lack of listening and feedback is also huge. That's why it's important to ask your employees for their opinion and, most of all, provide them with various opportunities to share their views calmly and without worries. And this is what you will as a benefit:

1. You will increase employee engagement and wellbeing

Employee engagement is the investment we make for the privilege of staying in business. Together with employee wellbeing, they become the ultimate solution that can pull your company through any global or local crisis. Do not forget that the way you interact with your employees is the only control you have during unpredictable times.​ Employees who feel connected to their organization work harder, stay longer and motivate others to do the same. The engagement of your workforce impacts critical aspects of your organization, including profitability, revenue, customer satisfaction, employee turnover, and more.

2. You'll strengthen connection and communication with your people even when working remotely or in hybrid mode

Often employees are unwilling or afraid to voice their concerns or ideas directly, whether in a public or private forum. That's why pulse check surveys are a great starting point, especially when your people work remotely or hybrid. In this regard, the engagement surveys help determine how committed your employees are to their jobs and the company and where you can look to improve. Surveys can be done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to measure the current attitudes of your people on specific topics or issues and see how and if progress has been made in those areas.

3. You will be aware of your employees' attitudes towards the changes taking place in the company

In the process of growth and development, companies often try out new options or procedures. Therefore, pulse check surveys can be exceptionally efficient before, during, or after something new occurs in the organization because you'll easily determine whether it's working or not, and more importantly, how the innovation impacts employees. You may think a change is for the better if it results in higher metrics in one area, but if it costs employee engagement, know that the investment wasn't worth it. Along with analyzing data for the success of a project or new initiative, always examine employee attitudes. You may find ways to adjust and improve the process to make it even more effective.