Boost Your Productivity: Ideas Are Now Well-Planned Projects With The Updated Actexs

Boost Your Productivity: Ideas Are Now Well-Planned Projects With The Updated Actexs

We are excited to announce that the ultimate leadership app has just released its latest update for iOS. With ActExs you not only stay focused by having all your content, on or offline, collected in one place, but also you keep your projects organized and implemented on time.

In December we introduced the new palm rest feature and renewed Dashboard. Now ActExs is advancing towards being even more effective app to develop and support the leader in you: It is not by chance that the app is also called “a hub for the strong leader”. Productivity and focus issues can be overcome by handling the variety of features which ActExs offers. The app is developed by stepping on the five pillars which define a strong leader: focus, setting priorities and targets, strong implementation and working on increasing productivity. How does ActExs help you step on all these at the same time? It turns your smartphone into a hub for knowledge and project management. In its core functions, the app follows the principle “Think. Act. Lead “.

Actions are in the core of ActExs. This is how the delegated “tasks”, or more accurate, actions that have to be taken in order a certain idea to turn into a project, are called. Your morning now starts with an overview of the due actions for the day. Only a glimpse of your lock screen keeps you informed about your tasks. The local notifications are set at 8:00 AM by default but you can change it so that it suits your routine. Just go to General Settings and select your custom time (Action Reminder). Get inspired, annotate, set priorities, manage your tasks. ActExs helps you turn your ideas into completed projects. It helps you stay organized and informed; your tasks and workflow are well-planned.

Now you can manage the projects you lead even better with the improved “export ICS files” feature. It gives you the opportunity to export iOS calendar or Outlook files with integrated reminders making sure that the actions you create won’t be missed out by the leads you’ve set. ActExs takes care you are always informed on the number of overdue actions you have with the new badge app icon feature.

The updated ActExs offers improved user experience by making things simpler for you. For example, you can now easily delete a session by touching and holding on its name without first having to open it. The app also cares for your battery levels by detecting Low Power Mode and alerting you if you try to create a new session or start a full ActExs backup while in this mode. There are various other improvement and bug fixes that will let you enjoy the full glory of the all-in-one app.

That is the new ActExs. Updated and up to any task.