Variety of opportunities to transform the organizational culture.

Research and consulting

Expertise supported by over 30 years of professional experience.

Leadership Support is part of the German holding company Lead1ng AG. Since its start, LS-S has been a partner of Kommunikationskolleg AG Consulting & Training, who provide premium consulting services in the field of human management for over 30 years.

KKAG has established traditions in training leaders and teams with a strong hands-on focus. As the company develops its trainings, KKAG consultants are committed to offering their clients new solutions for HR processes, leading the way for Leadership Support as a digital tool provider.

In Bulgaria, LS-S started offering products based on studies and real projects from the German and world market since 2018. Clients of LS-S and KKAG include Liebherr, Lufthansa, Festo, Deutsche Telekom, Roche, Thyssenkrupp, Volvo and many more.


The consulting offered by LS-S:

  • Developed according to the challenge specifics and the current situation in the company
  • A wide range of areas of expertise
  • Suitable during change processes, for implementation of new methods, and assistance in discovering the source of an issue
  • A complete process: from preparation and research of the current situation to implementation and subsequent analysis

A sample process for the service “Competency model design”:

Step 1 preparation


Selection of a team, setting goals for the competency model, selecting the most appropriate model and guiding principles

Step 2 design


Communication plan, collecting information, designing the model

Step 3 Verification


Verification of competencies and the process, pilot implementation

Step 4 implementation


Change of processes, leadership approaches, periodic updates

Why consulting matters

Both large and small organizations would benefit from investing in HR consulting. Companies with many employees and teams need to master multiple processes, momentary phenomena and cases, simultaneously. A smaller business, for its part, would not have the internal resources and expertise to achieve its organizational culture goals.

  • Cost savings
  • Focused work on a specific need
  • Low risk
  • Time saving
  • High effiency
  • Greater employee satisfaction

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