Variety of opportunities to transform the organizational culture.

Complete training programs for employees

Learning in the flow of work is a new corporate culture paradigm. As a business owner, you want to improve employee efficiency and retention, but this may be difficult as you implement organizational change. That’s where LS-S staff training programs come to the rescue, helping you make the most of our software and solutions with as minimum friction as possible.

When adopting any of our products, you can get complete guidance on leveraging them. Whether you need to harness specific practices or keep your employees updated on the new functionality used across your organization, we can run a training program for all the basic and advanced features of our tools.

The LS-S employee training center is built for organizations dealing with onboarding new hires or upskilling their workforce. We can help achieve your company goals by guiding your staff through the skills, attitudes, and knowledge required for a change-ready corporate culture. From leadership to talent management to feedback acquisition training, it’s easy to transform your organization smoothly with LS-S.


Boost staff competence with corporate training for employees

It’s not uncommon for employees to resist change. But effective employee training to tackle skill gaps, reluctance, and unproductive behaviors can make any change feel less disruptive to your staff.

Our learning-by-doing approach allows you to boost your employee performance within a short time. We can develop training programs for all your team members so that both your top management and employees can make good use of our tools.

Additionally, well-organized employment skills training can be beneficial for:

  • Improved project management after the change is adopted
  • Implementing new practices that are easy to understand among all teams
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Keeping your employees motivated amid the change process
  • Creating a supportive workplace environment

As for the latter, effective employee training can take your corporate culture up a notch by outlining the company’s values and development strategy. When investing in corporate training, you’re showing your employees you care so that they feel updated on why the change is being made and what expectations the management has.

Online training for employees – Your long-term investment

Increased staff performance is what every business owner is willing to achieve. You can come up with different tricks to make your teams work harder, but they will unlikely be as effective in the long run.

Once we discuss your corporate short-term and long-term objectives, we will proceed to create a custom staff training plan for your organization. It will involve case studies and training methodologies tailored to hone your employees’ job-specific skills and walk them through any LS-S tool you’re implementing. This also applies to the soft skills your employees will need to adapt to new circumstances and changes in the workplace. Whether it’s about enhancing communication, conflict resolution, or succession planning skills, we’re here to help.

To learn more about the cost of training employees with LS-S, contact us. Training is available for those deploying LS-S software and organizations looking to upskill their teams.

Training as a part of the product

When choosing our product, we will educate participants about its logic and basic principles. Also includes debrief for the reports.

Training by request

Training in specific skills or working methods, such as various soft skills, team effectiveness, etc.

Why choose a training by LS-S?

  • Independent application and evaluation of the tool
  • Organizational culture improvement: feedback has its life through the follow-up analyzes and measures you will take based on the training and knowledge you have received
  • Developing certain skills: soft skills, leadership, etc.
  • You are prepared for strategic planning

Leadership training by LS-S - an exemplary process:

Step 1

Consultation on the current situation in the company and the training objectives

Step 2

Designing a detailed plan by LS-S

Step 3

Incorporating feedback, psychometry and mentoring tools

Step 4

Structural training: case studies, specific skills trainings, feedback results analysis

Step 5

Including real projects for participants

Step 6

Internal or external trainers, benchmarking, counseling to apply the newly learned skills

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