The Secrets Behind a Successful Training: Practical Advice From the Experienced Coach Martin Zwick

Martin Zwick, the CEO of LS-S and Business Professional Academy, will be part of the Petersberger Trainer Days on 05th and 06th of April 2019. He will talk about the success secrets from the new-generation trainings: what expectations customers have for their business trainers and consultants and how the training effects can be measured.

The workshop seminar will take place on Friday, April 05th, at 11:30. The topic and the key points are in complete correspondence with the event title “Mindset x.0 – new thinking, new learning”. Martin will discover new learning concepts for business trainings. They involve innovative tools that support and enhance a trainer’s workflow: from calculations and forecasts of ROIs to feedback systems. These tools can help every trainer, no matter their current business level – freelancer or corporate, to upgrade their work and content to the next one. This guarantees more satisfied customers, better networking and cost savings. Did you know that there is a tool that can replace the classic paper “Happiness sheet” with a digital survey which delivers instant results and is much more engaging than the old boring questionnaire? Or that you can include in your trainings tools that measure soft skills and processes such as values culture, agility, trust and many others?

Companies and individuals tend to trust trainers who themselves have committed resources in learning and adopting different products that can upgrade their and their clients’ workflows and experiences.​ That is why getting insight on how to use simple and effective tools to support your work and to add value to your content is a key factor for successful learning programs. The consultancy business is in transformation in order to catch up with the digitisation of its clients. Don’t risk to be left behind in the competition and get yourself the necessary tools, certification and skills for covering all your customers’ expectations.

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