LS-S' Managing Director Joins Gemeinsam Digital's Competence Network

A leader without a following to guide, educate and nurture is like the sound of a falling tree when there is no one around to hear it. We, at Leadership Support (LS-S), strive to be the leaders of your businesses’ successful digital transformation and migration to agile leadership.

Our experts have the know-how and tools to give your organization the “bang” it needs to move into the digital age. In order to provide our expertise to a wider audience of companies in need and increase our following, we applied and were approved to join Gemeinsam Digital’s competence network.

Now, you can discover and contact our own Alex Puschkin, Managing Director of LS-S, among the rest of Gemeinsam Digital’s expert network. He’ll guide, educate and nurture you on the path to digital transformation and leadership, and complement the theory with digital tools.