It Is Time For A Practical Leadership Solution Resulting In Concrete Actions

Trainings, workshops, seminars… the information overload often leaves us unable to organize it all and reflect on it later. According to a recent Fortune survey, only 7 percent of CEOs believe their companies are building effective global leaders, and just 10 percent said that their leadership-development initiatives have a clear business impact[1]. Although billions of money are poured on an yearly basis into trainings, it is a new way of thinking about learning and development that is needed.

There is a practical solution to focus and information overload issues which also leads to concrete actions and results. It has been reviewed in the recent newsletter of the International Federation of Training and Development Organisations. ActExs, the crossover of a note-book, task management system and KPI-based leadership app, is featured for the second time by the multinational organization.

IFTDO reflects the features of ActExs which support the advance in leadership competence. It describes the app as what one needs to become the well-organized leader that their team needs. ActExs is a big step in the way of changing the impact levels of leadership development initiatives and is undoubtedly the app that makes sure they will not be just a waste of money. Read the complete review in the 3rd newsletter of IFTDO (p. 15).

IFTDO is the most multinational, multicultural Training and Development organization in the world and is committed to the identification, development and transfer of knowledge, skills and technology in the field of HRD. We thank IFTDO for their third consecutive review of a LS-S product.