CEO's Work With A Pen And Notebook - Not Anymore!

CEO's Work With A Pen And Notebook - Not Anymore!

We all know the feeling of getting lost in 3 million emails, notes, PDFs, Excel Tablets, and website links. During a conference or workshop, you think of so many ideas and inspirations. But this only increases the mess of information. Trying to implement something? It would be too difficult to sort through all the facts and figures. Almost like trying to follow a New Year’s Resolution; it ends up pushed aside.

Imagine: you attend a lecture, armed with a pen and paper. It’s a really good lecture: the theme is interesting, the speaker gives a lot of input, and you have 1,000 new ideas. Your business has the advantages and resources that could bring it to life. You think it could really work! Back in the office, however, you go about your daily routine, and your notes stay lost in your desk forever. And now you have to find a way to express your idea to another person. From memory.

Time goes by, and you participate in a leadership development seminar. You take a paper handout, follow the grand scheme of things, highlight the most important things, and take notes in the margins (as one usually does). At the end, you write about what you learned and took away from it all. Again, the notes land into the abyss of papers (if you’re lucky) and with it, your action plan. Without a clear recollection or regular routine of your new skills, we can say the training wasn’t totally effective.

The Action Extracts App – aka ActExs – is our answer to the challenge that every leader has. With ActExs, you can organize all your documents, notes, ideas, and inspirations in just one app. You have all your important materials at your disposal so you can delegate tasks efficiently. Thus, your ideas become action plans, and guarantees success.

Try it now! A 90 day trial version of ActExs is available to download in the App Store – non binding and totally free.

Watch here how ActExs simplifies your workflows and make your ideas work freely – explained in 100 seconds: