5 Problems LS-S Solved Through Digital Transformation

5 Problems LS-S Solved Through Digital Transformation

LS-S is there for you when you need to embrace digital transformation to improve your business. We offer both digital products to facilitate these changes and complementing consulting services.

We too embrace digital transformation ourselves in order to stay competitive.

Our organization does not follow the motto, “Do as I say, not as I do.” Here we present five business problems we solved by embracing digital starting with the first three:

  1. Effective Task Completion
  2. Lower Administration Costs
  3. Productive Remote Work

LS-S’ team consists of departments located in different countries. For effective collaboration and task completion, we embraced a combination of digital tools, which are crucial to our experts and mission.

For our team’s overall task-management, we use JIRA. It allows us to define specific tasks and organize them in appropriate projects. This gives us an overview of all ongoing projects, of everybody involved and of progress.

For certain projects that require customers or other outside entities to be involved, we’ve found Trello quite useful. It has a similar, albeit simpler, functionality to JIRA, mostly without the task logs.

For our larger, long-term projects, we use our very own Project Indicator. We developed this tool for all businesses that want their Project Managers to be able to give a voice to all project stakeholders. The web app allows PMs to collect “soft” data from stakeholders through surveys at predefined time intervals. Our PMs use it the same way so that our projects are neither delayed, nor poorly executed or budgeted.

For general communication and file sharing, we’ve chosen Office 365. The setup in Microsoft Teams allows us to create informal chats or formal “feeds” to communicate instantly with desired team members on specific topics and themes. OneDrive and SharePoint are easily synchronized with the whole Office package. Thus, besides talking to each other instantly, we can also share any document related to our project in the nick of time and have others edit and contribute to it.

  1. Content Discovery and Management
  2. Improved Customer Targeting

Marketing can be hard for a B2B company selling specialized software and tools. One issue we need to solve and have embraced digital to do so is creating valuable content.

LS-S has embraced a number of social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) to stay on top of industry trends, so that we can provide you with interesting and valuable content.

We use our smart library, ActExs (available on the App Store and Google Play), to put all of our resources in one place, organized by topic. Then our marketing managers use the tool to process the content and extract trends to write about. They export the relevant content and email it to marketing team members with a specific task attached.

After team members complete their tasks and we have our fresh content, to manage publishing and scheduling for different channels in one place, we use the platform HootSuite.

We have also spent a considerable amount of time on researching how we can use said social media to our best advantage in targeting customers. We realize that cold calling is not the way of the world anymore. The plethora of information on the internet has given us a good start and ActExs has allowed us to process that information yet again.

The vast options to experiment with targeting customers on social media has given us the chance to create target personas and A/B test campaigns and products, so that our marketing efforts stay agile instead of stagnant.

We believe marketing can be efficient no matter the limitations of your resources. Nowadays there are a number of tools that allow for the easy production of promotional materials by marketing specialists who are on low production budgets. One example is Go Animate. We’ve used it for several of our product videos, when we had creative people and copywriters but we did not have the budget or time to hire professional animators. For our purposes that solution was effective and worth its price.

These are examples of surface business problems that we easily solved by embracing digital trends and technology. LS-S can help you do the deep dive with our product lines in the fields of Human Resource Development and Change and Organization Management.

Check our website for more details on each. Don’t be shy to contact us for more information and specific offers.