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What do your employees expect and why talent development is not like the traditional career ladders

Opportunities for development in a company are a key factor for most candidates when choosing a job. In addition, employees are more motivated and engaged in their work when they know that there is a way to grow in the company, opportunities for personal development and to learn new things. Career development efforts as part of the HR department's activities are also important for staff retention. As a result of consistent work on individual development plans, turnover decreases and the efficiency of entire teams increases.

The factor with work commitment changes in the new generations should not be overlooked either. According to many studies, millennials say that work does not allow them to do what they really want, and moreover, they are more likely to feel dissatisfied than members of previous generations. This makes the topic of career development in companies even more significant - over time, more and more people in an organization will be representatives of this demographic division. And the situation with the next one - that of Generation Z, will certainly not be easier for HR professionals.

Career development is undergoing a transformation under the influence of the needs of modern jobs. It is no longer enough to have career ladders drawn for each position or role in the company, climbing the steps in the classic hierarchical structures. It is necessary to analyze and work with the talent of the people in the organization. And talent is something that often escapes: there is a risk that it will not develop, that it will not be given a suitable field for expression, or even remain undiscovered.

Discovering and retaining talent is important for the effectiveness of the entire organization and is a "task" not only for the human resources professionals, but also for the entire management. It is also important that they know the talent map in their teams well so that they can plan the resources well. This in turn will reduce the risks of losing valuable staff, will stimulate the motivation of employees by providing them with a suitable development plan and will help to prepare a plan with specific measures.

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